Welcome Home



Freestyle writing is a true form of release, of liberation. I recently made a pact with myself to write at least 20 minutes a day. Occasionally, I indulge you with my most intimate thoughts here. Each entry works well with a hot cup of Earl Grey tea. Sometimes, tissues come handy too.


I lost my father when I was 22. On the eve of the funeral, as I wrote his eulogy, I found a neatly kept box labeled "Nadine's Love Notes" in one of his shelves. The box contained all the letters I wrote to him as a child. Now I write letters as a means of healing and self-care. I write to slow my breathing, to internalize every piece of thought and emotion, and to draw meaning from the words that fail to escape my lips.



I'm a strong believer that moments of suffering and breakthrough are equally essential to the human soul. Inspired by all real life events, I write about the stories that break us, change us, and empower us to be more resilient than we can ever imagine.



POEMS THAT RHYME, SONGS I'VE WRITTEN + EVERYTHING ELSE ON MY MIND. ALL THESE need a home so they'll stay here until we further make sense of them. Enjoy!